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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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Director of Photography (DOP)

Director of Photography (DOP)

Wow what a cool title; the director of photography (DOP) someone who is responsible for the way the movie is shot. Obviously working closely with the director this is a term probably only really deserving of feature films and drama series. However also when a production has several cameras shooting the same scene then someone will get the credit of director of photography (DOP). Like in reality tv or a documentary that has many different shooters contributing. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a credit however several times I have been called a director of photography (DOP) patronising me I suppose.

I had the pleasure of working for God tv and documented the evangelical magic that was happening. As crew I travelled around africa and shot some preaching and an occational ‘miracle’ It was fascinating to have been included in producing these documentaries. I am a believer but a skeptic so I suppose I was able to find some truth in the events which presented themselves. Once I saw a deaf man hear after a woman Heidi Baker put her fingers in his ears during a very intense pray session. The man was very convincing and we all believed he could hear again. Being a director of photography (DOP) during this shoot let me choose the location and lighting for the presenter links. I could direct the way they stood and interacted together. It is like editing in camera or setting out the sequence so it can be cut by a stranger that was not present. 

In drama the director of photography must decide on the camera movement and execute it to make the viewer part of the story. You need to decide when to shoot the close ups and which side of the line the actor should be on, so when cutting to another character the dialogue will be natural; as if they were talking to one another. Obviously this rule can then be broken for effect if you want the viewer to be uncomfortable or confused. Its very important  for the director of photography (DOP) to control the lighting and have the support of a gaffer. Director of photography (DOP)

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