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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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Cameraman for hire

Shooting an event is the basic cameraman for hire type of work that I have done; usually a last minute gig with no time for preparation. A cameraman for hire needs to always be ready, with your gear standing by batteries charged and cards (film) to shoot. Any extra stuff needs to be easy to get hold of and a price in mind so as not to be caught underquoting. 

One of the delemma’s a cameraman for hire faces is the double booking;  don’t be a fairweather friend and go with what appeals to you... Lets say you’re booked for a basic shoot weeks in advance, you’re grateful for the work so obviously you take the job which is one day at basic wage cos its multicamera and easy. 24 hours before the shoot you get a call from the BBC who need you to rush off in the morning to a news story far away and will be working for 3 days or more. You know they pay top money and want you.

So what do you? Do you dump the other job?; and take the BBC job which pays 5 times as much and has real status and credibility... But you now leave your original job stranded without anyone so you search frantically amongst your colleagues to find a replacement, what if you can’t get someone? What if you do and they make a mess of your shoot? Greed takes over and you go with the BBC for glory. Now if you do this to an employer who books you regularly they will not use you again, at least not until some months have past or you do the proverbial begging plea. Cameraman for hire means loyalty is a certainty until something better comes up. 

People who take one day per week shoots often face this problem. I have tried to find a pool of cameraman for the production company if I face this kind of committment; clients don’t like it.

The cameraman for hire is mostly the whore who is friendly but fickle. Its a kind of situation which has no simple solution. Retainers are so seldom offered these days but then again demand it if possible. Icameraman for hire, always negociable.  I am a cameraman for hire always ready to negociate!cameraman for hire

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