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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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Was there ever a more talented cameraguy;  this is what every cameraguy wants to hear. I was shooting with the Die Paten out of Berlin; it was always a fabulous experience as we all tried to keep up with the well oiled Germans. “Send the cameraguy” was a statement you would hear often. We were shooting at the Daimler Benz factory in East London; it is an enormous place obviously so sending the cameraguy away to get a cutaway happened frequently as when pressed for time the scenes needed details and new scenes needed setups so one cameraguy will do the cutaways while another setup a new scene of dialogue. We had enough cameras but not enough time...Somehow during all this chaos you will find a cameraguy grabing a flipper (cigerette) outside away from prying eyes. This is not something to be talked about but it gave the chance for reflection and was used rather constructively to prepare and not forget something. It is dreadful to have to walk half a mile to find a battery that was left by the main camerguy who forgot to pick it up. A high light in my career as a cameraguy was to find out later that year that we had won a prize at Cannes for best corporate film 2013. I had shot all of the South African parts during one week in December 2013. 

Die Paten have been one of my best clients; I also worked with them to create a documentary about the Ndlovu Clinic in Elandsdoorn outside Groblaarsdal. I was an assistant cameraguy during the first shoots and met Hugo Tempelman who had pioneered ARVs in Rural Limpopo during the dark days of denial... I am proud to have met these people who assisted in changing the mind set of the ignorant.

This documentary set me up for many more shoots as camerguy in Limpopo for the development of Health clinics. I don’t mind the title of cameraguy; as my Grandfather said,”call me anything you like, just not late for breakfast!”  Not everything a cameraguy shoots is nice sometimes you find yourself in the waste lands of sickness and despair. Times to be reminded of ones blessings. Then you meet Richard Branson and you realise being outspoken is easy; another highlight of being the cameraguy who just ready and rose to collect the action.


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