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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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Video production jobs


Video production jobs are similar to being videographer; this is where you are expected to do the entire shoot. Its like being a producer but it pays far less. I once did such a shoot for the pharmacy giant Roche. As the producer of this video production job I arranged the crew and venue for the shoot which was interviewing several medical experts on the new Rhoto-virus medication available. Rotor virus is most common in infants who can die if not treated. Basically they get dehydration from this virus. I arranged everything but as we about to shoot the interview we realised that the tie the Doctor was wearing was creating a dreadful  Kyron effect in the picture.(strobing wavy patterns which are disturbing.) So as the producer of this video production job I had to race off and find a suitable tie. I did get it and we could deliver the material to the UK by courier that evening. It was urgent and had to be broadcast within 24 hours... These are the reasons one   includes contingencies in your budget. Another problem these days is the exchange rate. While on assignment in the DRC (Congo) recently our exchange rate plummeted and we lost over R1 to the dollar over night. Always quote in dollars to the client and pay the crew in rands... I relish the challenge of doing a video production job which takes me to a strange new place and expects me to deliver a movie. Something about being fresh in a place leads to creativity. Video production jobs are not easy as the challenges they pose are fabulous, getting the results is also rewarding.  As we say in the business we are about solutions not problems... Contact Eric for any further information. Video production jobs made simple.video production jobs

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