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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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video production editing

Video production editing


What stays in the movie and what is left out! 

In the world of television and film the stories are told using video production editing. All movies begin with a story which is translated into a series of shots that we call ‘rushes’ or ‘dailies’. A schedule is planned before the crew set out to capture the scenes which will be edited into the movie.

It may seem obvious, but video production editing happens very easily if the rushes are complete and well structured. One needs to set out to capture the material bearing in mind the video production editing that needs to take place afterwards. If a clear structure is set out huge time can be saved and many unnecessary mistakes or unneeded footage avoided. As a cameraman I always try to have a clear conception of the video production editing that will take place later. Always get too many cutaways and different angles.


Video production editing is now part of my skill set and I have begun mastering the activity. I use FCP x and have found the exercise most helpful to my camerawork. I am able to shoot less and plan my shoots better visualise where the shots will fit in the structure of my film. 


With documentaries we often use archive material to contextualise the story. This is a part of video production editing which requires loads of time and searching. So as a documentary cameraman you are often required to become a bridge between the old and new. You need to find creative ways of filming that enhance the archive and bring the story into a grand montage which is new and present. Video production editing will set the pace of the movie and bring about fresh understanding to a subject. This is crucial to the success of any movie. 

video production editing

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