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Eric Mc Keown has over 20 years industry experience as a Lighting Cameraman and DOP

Some of his biggest clients include: Daimler Benz, HBO and The BASF Chemical Company

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Ndlovu Youth Choir


The Ndlovu Youth Choir is getting ready to go to Holland. Eric was Camera Lighting Man and Editor for this shoot

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The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency(HBO)


Delve into the history and culture of Botswana.

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Wildlife - Tigers


Eric shot this epic moment where a Tiger attacks his prey

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Eric Mc Keown - Nomads


Story of change

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Daimler for me is


Daimler AG is one of the worldís most successful automotive companies.

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JMI - Music Makes The World Go Around

The Johannesburg Music Initiative (JMI) was established during 2002 to ensure that South Africans in all areas can be exposed to orchestral music and instruments.

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International Festival of Theatre in Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou is an international theatre festival also known as the the FITD

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A Partnership For Small Business in South Africa


A Partnership between TRIAS, UNIZO, NAFCOC, AHI, SACCI and small - scale entrepreneurs in South Africa. Funded by the Flemish International Cooperation Agency (FICA)

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About Eric

With over 20 years of filming experience under his belt, Eric Mc Keown has a broad set of skills, which, combined with his passion for his craft, help expedite quality production of both film and documentary work.

Eric Mc Keown

Eric Mc Keown
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